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Implementation Methodhology

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Implementation Methodhology

SAP Business One is a complete business solution. Irrespective of the size of your business or the segment of your business, SAP Business One implementation will not only automate the business processes but also reduce the probability of errors and flaws. Thus enhancing the overall business productivity. TechScope follows a detailed process of implementation of SAP. This inspires understanding the client’s business, requirements, and expectations. Using the right set of tools and expertise, we are able to implement the SAP Business One solution to your business platform, thereby ensuring seamless integration of this business tool.

SAP Implementation

Implementation Process

Here are the steps involved in the process:

Scope 360 Research Synthesize Ideate Prototype Validate Develop Test Deploy Discover Design Deliver

We follow the Accelerated Implementation Program (API) to comprehend the client’s requirements and design the right solution to resolve these requirements.

Phase 1:
Preparing the project

Our work ends once we understand your business requirement. Here starts the preparation of the complete preparation for the project.
(1) Initially, the process of meeting and discussion takes place, wherein our team of development figures out the plan to meet your requirements.
(2) A dedicated project manager, developer, and consultant is created to put the plan into action.
(3) After complete assessment of your requirement, we customize or design the suitable SAP Business One software

Phase 2:
Business Blueprint

We create a blueprint of the entire plan in this phase. Usually, a workshop is done to discuss the project requirement, scope and schedule, and other business processes.
(1) This is an important phase wherein we try to understand what the client intends to and wants from the SAP Business One solution.
(2) To aid the process, the workshop is done to train and help the project associates understand the requirements.
(3) The final blueprint of action is created. It incorporates all the details used as a guide while the implementation part is operating.

Phase 3:
Project Realization

This is an important step because we start with the process of implementation.
(1) The SAP Business One system is customized and installed once they have validated and upgraded the configuration.
(2) We help in the complete installation and setup process of the SAP Business One components like the patches database and OS on the client’s hardware.

Phase 4:
Final Preparation

This step includes user and admin training system and customer activities to start the project.
(1) At this step, the client's systems are set up and prepared to go live. (2) Usually, the training of the user and administrator is done.
(3) If some changes are required, these are implemented at this stage. Necessary adjustments and cut-over activities are completed to resolve all critical issues and make the system ready to go live.

Phase 5: Go Live

Go-Live and Update: At this stage, the process goes live.
(1) The SAP Business One system is completely ready to be used.
(2) All the integration and syncing with the client's business platform is done successfully, and now you can use it for everyday business operations.
(3) Finally the review of the entire implementation part is done, and if there are some glitches, the issues are resolved. We also help our clients stay updated, and if there is an update on the SAP Business One solution, it is upgraded to make your business up-to-the-minute.


We ensure complete implementation of SAP Business One, but the responsibility doesn't get over with the implementation. Our team is always present to provide round clock assistance. With the SAP Business one add ons, you give your business the much-needed boost and add to your growth charts. So, it's time to give a halt to the traditional business practices and get your hands on SAP B1 implementation that catalyses your business function and adds to the efficiency of business operations.

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