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What is SAP Business ByDesign ?

No Capital Investment. Scale-as-you-need, Pay-as-you-go

The competitive market can drive any business crazy. With the complex customer requirements, the need to be high in the ranking has ushered in the proliferation of many technological tools that can simplify business operations and make the work easy. One of the prominent applications that are being widely used by companies across the different industrial segments is SAP Business by Design. Developed specifically for small and medium enterprises, this ERP solution can change the course of business operations while making them flawless and productive.

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SAP Business ByDesign Unifies Business Functions

Finance Icon


Streamline your Financial processes – get dynamic visibility into your financial position. Manage accounts for multiple operating units, currencies, and reporting standards using customer and supplier transaction data.

Project Management Icon

Project Management

Real-time project collaboration and monitoring enables your teams to manage, deliver, and monitor profitable projects of any size. Speed up workflows, automate approvals and get insights into which projects are the most successful.

CRM Icon

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Drive customer engagement by combining your front and back office. Improve marketing and sales collaboration by using personalized customer information for more effective campaigns. Automate sales processes and improve account management.

Procurement Icon


Save time and money when you empower employees with self-service procurement capabilities. Manage multiple supplier contracts with a central database of supplier and product information.

Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources (HR)

Streamline HR processes – with self-service access to timesheets and expenses. Onboard employees quickly. Manage purchase requests and approvals from mobile devices on the go - facilitate payroll processing and take advantage of interfaces for third-party payroll providers.

Greater Efficiency In Supply Chain Icon

Supply Chain Management

Respond rapidly to shifts in supply and demand with real-time insights into inventory and costs. Benefit from efficiencies across manufacturing, warehousing and logistics. Get a clear view of your supply networks and accelerate time to market.

Why Does Your Business Need
SAP Business ByDesign?

Are you still contemplating why your business needs this techno boost? Well, you must take a glance at these benefits which SAP Business ByDesign has to offer. Complete ERP solution- SAP Business ByDesign is a complete business ERP solution. It has 36 pre-built processes, which efficiently integrates with your business with years of data and put it to use.
Built For Growth Icon

Built for Growth

Whether your organization is a start-up or you have an established firm, SAP Business ByDesign can easily accommodate the varied requirements. You can add up to 10000 users to make the business solution more effective and efficient.

Insightful Icon


Get complete business with the SAP Business ByDesign. Equip your team with the most powerful tools so that they can make informed and accurate decisions.

SAP Business ByDesign Reports Display On Two Different Desktop Screen
Continuously Evolving Icon

Continuously Evolving

Stay updated with this powerful tool SAP Business ByDesign to assist you with all the new changes and updates that will make your business more productive.

No Infrastructural Cost Icon

No Infrastructural Cost

With SAP Business ByDesign, you don’t have to bear the additional cost of establishing the IT infrastructure.

The Next Big Move

It is time to take the next big leap to make your business more profitable. The SAP Business ByDesign is one of the fastest developing cloud stages that not only assures ease of accessibility but also keeps all the data safe.

The SAP Business ByDesign comes with an automated alert and notification that keeps you updated and lets you keep a tab on how your business is progressing. If you are also willing to make your business a success, you must choose SAP Business ByDesign.

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    Let's take your business
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