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What is

Gaining a competitive edge is the prime objective of every business, and there are several ways to achieve the same. One of the easiest ways for any company to stay ahead of the competition is to deploy technology that can help the business steer through. SAP is one such tool that is being used by businesses to automate the different business operations like sales, accounting, supply chain, and more. The primary objective is to create an automated process that can help in streamlining the business process.

We know that every business is different, and so its requirements also vary. Hence it needs to be customized and tailored to meet these requirements. SAP Business One provides all necessary assistance to support business operations like sales, supply chain, finance and accounting, and more. But these are generic business features. When it comes to specific business requirements, you would need tailored business solutions, and here comes the role of SAP Business One Add-on. This tool escalates the automated business assistance to the next level by adding on new features that are as per your business requirements.

The SAP Business One Add-on gives more functionality to the business, thus making it run more efficiently. It provides the customers the ability to configure the SAP Business One as per their business needs, thus helping them manage their business seamlessly.

SAP Business One on HANA Necessity

Techscope offers a host of SAP Business One add-ons that suit the variegated industrial Requirements; these add-ons are usually business-specific and help in making business operations more efficient. The primary objective of add-ons is to enhance its range of assistance by providing the required business solution that will suit the industry.

SAP Business One Add-ons come with intuitive dashboards that suit the individual needs of the company. It simplifies even the complex processes, thus helping efficient automation of the business process.

Why SAP Business One Add ons for your company

If you are still contemplating why SAP Business One Add on is a perfect tool for your business, then read the additions it can make to your business processes:

Real-time information

One of the key aspects for any company is to keep a tab on the data and information. With the help of SAP Business One Add ons, companies can easily add a database related to products, customers, vendors, and processes. You will get real-time information through the Adds ones.

Modify Existing Screens

You can now add a new screen to the existing one. The tailored solution offered by SAP Business One Add-on ensures accurate calculations and provides easier access to data.

Easy to customize

The primary reason for SAP Business One Add-ons is that it is tailored as per your business requirement. It bridges the gap between the company’s requirements.


SAP Business One Add ons is a selective tool that lets the business choose the features as per their business needs, so you don’t have to spend much on it.


When it comes to using the SAP Business One Add-ons, then you don’t have to spend much time on its complexities because it is easy to use, even with little or no technical knowledge you can easily implement this software.

How do we proceed?

Using SAP Business One Add-ons is very easy. It is a user-friendly tool that makes it easy for the user to integrate it with the current business operations. Techscope is here to assist you in the implementation of this tool.

Our team of experts will be there to comprehend your business requirement, and with their consultation service, it will become easier for your employees to understand the integration and implementation of the SAP Business One Add-ons.

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