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SAP Business ONE Starter Pack

Scale Your Startup with Simplified Business Processes

Easy to Get Started, Easy to Grow

What is SAP Business One Starter Pack ?

SAP is one of the world’s leading producers of software for the management of business processes, developing solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow across organizations.

Technological transformation has helped many businesses grow. Several software are used to improve the business operations and make them more effective. SAP Business One on HANA is one such popular tool that has helped organizations streamline their businesses. SAP Business One on HANA takes the entire process to the next level.

Amid the era of automation, the digital transformation has made businesses move to a newer business model. These are more solution-oriented and intelligent. The SAP HANA is an in-memory platform used for storing business data on RAM instead of hard disk, thus making it more efficient. The information in SAP business one on HANA is stored in a column-oriented relational table structure which enhances the accessibility to the database. The automated systems make it easier for organisations to assess a large volume and variety of data.

SAP HANA brings together a general-purpose multi-model database with services to create more data-driven applications. It can be run on-premises and even on the cloud, and it simplifies IT complexities and makes the business processes more efficient.

Diagram Of SAP Business One Starter Package

Why SAP Business One Starter Pack

Accounting And Finance Icon

Accounting and Finance

Set up budgets and do cost accounting. Get pre-configured reports and dashboards. Manage your general ledger, journals, accounts payables and receivables in real-time.

Purchase Icon


Manage the complete procurement activity, from raising purchase orders to paying suppliers. Automate processes using the Procurement Wizard. Get purchasing insights with compelling reports and dashboards.

Inventory Icon


Centralise the management of your inventory operations. Monitor stock levels and track transfers across multiple warehouses. Perform inventory valuation using various methods such as standard costing, moving average, and FIFO. Run real-time inventory updates and availability checks.

Sales Icon


Create quotations, enter orders, and track sales opportunities and activities. Monitor sales performance at a glance. Maintain up-to-date contact details of customers and business partners. Automate your customer related processes with the CRM tools required to look after existing customers and acquire new ones.

Employee Record Icon

Employee record

Add and manage employee master data, employment period and status, information about absences, reviews and previous employment, salary and bank details. Record employee activity with the time sheet function.

Avoids Replication Icon

Avoids replication

manual data entry can be flawed and have errors. There is always a scope of double-entry or replication issues, but the same is nullified when you have SAP HANA working at the backend. The automated process has been designed to work accurately while reducing the chances of repetitions and errors.

Why Does Your Business Need
SAP Business One Starter Pack?

Are you still contemplating why your business needs this techno boost? Well, you must take a glance at these benefits which SAP Business ByDesign has to offer. Complete ERP solution- SAP Business ByDesign is a complete business ERP solution. It has 36 pre-built processes, which efficiently integrates with your business with years of data and put it to use.

Easy To Get Started Icon

Easy to get started

We will implement, configure and host the starter package for you, and import data from your legacy applications, eliminating the possibility of surprises or budgetary overruns. If you prefer to handle your own implementation, we offer a fully documented rapid deployment approach.

Upgrading Painlessly To SAP Business One Icon

Upgrading painlessly to SAP Business One

As your business starts to grow in size, you can upgrade to the full SAP Business One professional licence at any time. There’s no need to disrupt operations or migrate your data – simply enter your new license keys to unlock additional features and users in SAP Business One. If you need additional support or consulting services, we can help you navigate your options.

Reports On Mobile & Desktop Screen
System Reliability And Performance Is Assured Icon

System reliability and performance is assured

Our remote support platform for the SAP Business One starter package helps reduce total cost of ownership and distraction from running your business with automated support for your software. It continuously monitors the application, alerting you to any potential issues and taking immediate corrective action. You also benefit from ongoing services to keep your software running smoothly, including automated database backups, pre-upgrade evaluations, and system installation health-checks.

Powered By SAP HANA Icon

Powered by SAP HANA

SAP Business One starter package includes intuitive tools for exploring and investigating information in real-time. Use the Google-style enterprise search functionality to instantly locate specific documents and information among all your SAP Business One data, then filter, summarize and dive into the detail to answer pressing business questions.

Taking A Profitable Leap

Today, there is no better time to automate your business and make it ready for the competition. The fierce competition in the market makes things even more difficult for smaller businesses, but with the SAP automation system, you have the best tool to assist in business growth. TechScope provides you with a host of services and customer support systems to help your team comprehend the use and interpretation of this tool and its reports. Our team of experts assists in timely updating and upgrading the SAP Business Starter Pack and complete assistance on SAP integration and its in-depth analysis.

This one software gains more efficiency, visibility, and control over your business operations, thus making the system more efficient and streamlined. Maximize your business potential and profits with this software. So, what are you waiting for? Your business will take a giant leap of exponential growth with the SAP Business Starter Pack.

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    Let's take your business
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    Let's take your business
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