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Discover a single, affordable solution for managing your entire company.
Discover a single, affordable solution
for managing your entire company.

Quality Control

Flawless business operations depend on several factors, but it all boils down to just one important aspect and that is quality. Every business aims at providing business solutions that are error-free and flawless. Well, manually keeping a tab on all these processes is not feasible, so you have an SAP business quality control add-on system.

The quality control is designed to prevent damage, enable process optimization and establish a sustained quality control program. It integrates several business processes like Inward material management, In-Process manufacturing QC and Re-test material management. that eventually ensures maintaining the standards while lowering the operational cost and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Plant Maintenance

In the most basic terms, plant maintenance is the implementation of the best and standard practices to increase the equipment uptime, thereby enhancing productivity. All this is done while ensuring no compromise on the quality of the product.

With the help of more advanced plant maintenance technology, we can avoid unplanned downtime and ensure no delay in production. Also, you can keep a check on each aspect of the business, thus ensuring its seamless functioning. Integrating the SAP business one module with your present business operations will make it infallible and free from errors.

Sub Contracting

In simple terms subcontracting is assigning the work to others and then combining together to complete the project. The SAP subcontracting works in a similar manner. It involves sending components to the vendor where an assembly is manufactured.

To summarize, it is a purchasing-controlled process.

EXIM Management

Techscope holds expertise in the seamless integration of SAP on your business platform. EXIM add-on that manages the import and export while adhering to statutory compliance. It incorporates real-time notifications, documentation and analytics.

The EXIM management covers a range of export-import processes, and it can be easily integrated with SAP. Our EXIM solutions cover legal, local and statutory needs, thus ensuring better business functionality.

Branch Management Solution

The sole objective of introducing SAP in your business is to make it more productive and flawless. The branch management solution ensures no discrepancy in inter and intra branch functionality. With this solution, we bring together all aspects of your business functioning on one platform so that the same protocol is followed across the different branches of your company, thus creating a more authentic business functioning.

If your business has multiple branches, then the SAP branch management solution can be of great help.

E-Invoicing & E-way Bill

For E-invoicing Techscope Technologies has introduced a plugin that can seamlessly integrate with SAP Business One and make the system ready for E-INVOICING as per PEPPOL standard. This plugin interacts with assigned GSP (GST Suvidha Provider) which further interacts with the GSTN portal. To upload e-invoices in their designated format without any manual intervention. The new system bound to be a big leap for sincere organizations struggling with inaccuracies and frequent glitches during GST submissions.

A unique IRN (Invoice Reference Number) assigned to it by the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP). Through the new system, all the invoice related information will be share with both the GSTN portal and the e-way bill portal. Simultaneously thus eliminating the need to manually file the GST return reducing efforts in GST filing drastically.

WhatsApp Add-on

SAP WhatsApp add-on is a business solution that every company would want to have. WhatsApp is commonly used for most business communication. With this integration, the user can do multi-layer navigation in the ERP. This is a much more comprehensive approach than the traditional SMS system.

You can get real-time reports from the system. This is going to be a time-saving option, thus enhancing business productivity.

SMS Add-on

Use this add-on to send messages easily. SMS enjoys a high level of acceptance, and adding on this feature of your business operations will make it even more productive. The accessibility via SMS is far more as compared to email.

SMS has a higher reading rate, and so if you want to communicate an important message to someone, SMS is a great way to reach out to people. This is especially helpful in places where there is limited internet connectivity.

EMAIL Add-on

Business is all about maintaining regular communication. Whether it’s a customer or a client, you would always want to keep them on the same page as you. Amongst the different business solutions offered by Techscope, email is a popular one.

Integrate the mailing list to the SAP platform, and send automated emails to prospective clients or loyal customers. It enhances customer engagement and also generates brand awareness.

MRP Add-on

Material Requirement Planning is an integral part of inventory management. It is used to procure the right quantity of materials for in-house usage or make products for end-user usage. In simple terms, MRP guarantees that the resources will be available in the right quantity, thus ensuring seamless production.

The SAP MRP add-on lets you keep a tab on the inventory, available resources and the missing ones so that you can ensure a seamless flow of resources. It will eventually ensure optimal production, thus keeping the business productivity running seamlessly.

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