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Think about all the business processes needed to run a company; Finance, HR, Production, supply chain, procurement and what not, sounds tricky and unmanageable? It actually is!

The Proven Stratergies For An Excellent ERP Inventory Management

The proven stratergies for an excellent ERP Inventory Management

Think about all the business processes needed to run a company; Finance, HR, Production, supply chain, procurement and what not, sounds tricky and unmanageable? It actually is!

What we all see from outside is not the only scenario of how businesses performs, in realm it is a task to run an organisation, the hustle & chaos are solid, where a perfect automation in system comes as a rescue, a perfect automation will deliver the accurate inventory data and well-grounded functioning of an entire business system.

In any case if an organisation is compromising with these chief constituents, chances are that the company may face survival issues.

Let’s get started:

What exactly is an Inventory Management System?

Understanding the Inventory Management System with an example; Jim has the business of food hampers, where Jim has many suppliers who sell him food in bulk, some of the food from it got split up and repackaged, Jim has an excel sheet where he updates all the real time tasks, the stock he currently has, when his food products expires and profits single handedly on the Excel sheet.

This is how the Inventory Management System of Jim looks!

Apparently, every business that handles stocks needs a system (Fact to be heard) without a system your business will work on an ad-hoc-basis where in no time you will be overstocked or understocked.

How SAP B1 can benefit from ERP Inventory Management?

Practically, the SAP B1 will see wonders with the best ERP inventory management strategies how?

Check out the below listed key benefits:

The SAP B1 with the solid ERP inventory management will send alerts when a specific product reaches the finish line. Attention to detail will be that you can also get an exact idea about the number of units you need to purchase for a certain product.

This clearly means that you will always have the control over the inventory and your customers will never have to experience the stock-out scenarios.

Demonstrated inventory management strategies to solidify the system of an organisation.

Do you know that 35% of companies generate qualified benefits from SAP B1 ERP solutions? See how,

1. Synchronise the inventory across channels abruptly

One can clearly see the results in productivity and by and large the benefits of business.

2. Precise use of Mobile technology for live updates

Mobile technology provens to be one of the best, easy and quickly accessible technologies in the world. Its proficiency allows it to access data in real time and make the decisions and alterations based on the information.

3. The forecasting of demand

A forecasting of demand is proven to be one of the most essential  inventory management strategies, as it will directly save you from all the needless expenses, in fact it will give you the areas where you can invest and get the profit.

4. Cherish an automated software like never before

An automated software such as SAP B1 will not only eliminate the traditional process but it will simplify it to make it more productive and accurate.

It directly reduces the human power and streamline the inventory management process. 


How can ERP improve inventory management?

Using an ERP system your inventory will automatically be integrated with all aspects of operation from planning to production and accounting. You will access all the modes of operations through one system. Below are some of the full proof benefits of ERP:

  1. Keeping records of stocks and management
  2. Sales and order purchase management
  3. Easy functionality of payment gateway
  4. Real time generation of reports


1. Is ERP used for inventory management

ERP system manages and incorporates all the core business functions of a company such as order processing, accounting and HR. On the contrary, an inventory management system manages the physical inventory of the business.

2. Will ERP software help for tracking the inventory?

Yes, definitely it does. ERP system will automatically keep the track of inventory you use on each task, simultaneously ERP will keep the track of product transits and shipments.

Companies can easily level up the customer satisfaction by tracking and analysing key inventory metrics.

3. Why do we need inventory management software?

Accurate and well maintained inventory systems are the key for all successful businesses. Below are some benefits that a business will get if it has the inventory management software.

  1. Minimal risk of overselling
  2. Excellent insights
  3. Higher Profits
  4. Great customer experience


4. What are the features of an effective SAP B1 inventory management system?

By efficiently the flow of inventory from source to sale, you streamline your business processes and enhance business insights.

Listed below are some key respects of an effective SAP B1 inventory management system.

  1. Precise inventory levels
  2. Well improved customer service
  3. Great stock turnover rates
  4. Excellent business insights

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    Let's take your business
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